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No orders can be placed at this time. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our sales team.

Why is this store closed?

SP Custom Online stores give teams a way to offer personalized clothing and other sporting goods for purchase within a set time period.
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Beaumont Elementary School

Welcome to the Beaumont Elementary School Online Store

*The profits benefit our children directly by raising funds for   our school!

* Open: March 4th-24th.

*Delivery Week of April 15th.

* Contact: Aynne at 603-986-4235

*All orders will be delivered by a team representative-please email Aynne if items are gifts.

*Questions - please contact Aynne de Beer at by telephone at 603-986-4235.

*Attention Yahoo, MSN, AOL and EarthLink e-mail users... please set your e-mail to accept e-mails from so you can receive your e-mail order confirmation.