About Sneakers PLUS

Sneakers PLUS is a family owned and operated chain of athletic stores that was founded by Chris and Frances Gacos in September 1979 with the opening of the first store in Flemington, NJ. It was a small, 1,700 square foot store.

When Chris' brother Peter graduated from Westchester University in 1984, he opened his first location in Brick, NJ. He then opened his second location in Wall, NJ in 1987. In 2001, Peter relocated the Brick store to Red Bank, NJ to continue serving a clientele he developed through his other locations. Chris operates the Flemington location and Peter oversees the Wall store.

In January 2004, the Flemington store moved after 25 years to their new location at 318 Highway 202 North. This larger location has allowed the expansion of the Sneakers PLUS online store that services schools, leagues, booster clubs, businesses and more! Contact our team department at your convenient location to find out more about this new exciting service.